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I've always been heavily influenced by Inventor/Craftsman Paul A. Bigsby. For the last few years I've been offering custom pickguard inlay for musicians who want block, or any style of lettering for their own guitar/instrument. All inlay is done by hand in our shop using vintage American made tools.

After years of modifying guitars and talking to people ''in the know'' about tone, the construction, and why my favorite pickups sound the way they do, I've decided to start building my own. I'm really happy with the results and think you will be too. We're fabricating custom guitars, necks, vibratos, doing a lot of modifications and continuing to expand our line of guitar accessories.

 Our specialized pickups and other products are appropriate for any guitarist, but especially those into a more traditional type of Jazz, Swing, Country, Blues or Rockabilly. You can see, feel and hear the difference. If you're interested in a custom guitar or have questions, contact us, I'm sure we can help.