The TK Smith® CCII pickup
The TK Smith® CCII pickup
The TK Smith® CCII pickup
The TK Smith® CCII pickup

The TK Smith® CCII pickup

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The CCll Pickup comes in two options, Blade or Pole Piece. See descriptions below and choose while placing your order.

 CCII Pole Piece: - A modified CCII utilizing pole pieces.

Output: Medium Vintage


The CCll Pole Piece version has the same dynamic range, responsiveness and punch as the CCll Blade but the high mids and top end are more pronounced.

This version has more natural growl and bite while maintaining the CCll tonal palette. The individual pole pieces allow for precise string to string balance and output.

A great alternative for players who find the CCll a bit mellow. Also a great choice for those with mellower or darker woods who want that clear CC tone. Exceptional choice for players who prefer 250K pots in their guitars. (Telecaster with one Volume pot for both pickups for instance)

Ideal in the neck of a Telecaster or other solidbody or an alternative voice to a P-90.

CCII Blade

Output:  Medium Vintage


This CCll blade pickup has a big even woody tone.  Well balanced for most guitars.

Low-mids are accentuated and top end is naturally compressed giving it a slightly rolled off but clear voice.

This CCll is responsive, musical and dynamic at low volumes for jazz, western swing and vintage jazz and yet truly excels harmonically when pushed with harder picking dynamics or driving an amp into greasy overdrive.

Maintains note definition in all applications.  Vintage correct voicing and an integral support for old Jazz, Jump Blues, Vintage Blues, Rockabilly or Western Swing music. 

Type: Pickups

Vendor: TK Smith

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